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Topic 1[edit]

The first lab for Mr. Circuit was inventory. Each student took inventory, which familiarized them with all the components (the Mr. Circuit documentation gave the students pictures of everything).

For the mister circuit lab, we first took inventory for all the different lab kits to make sure we have all the required parts for it. For the kits that were missing some parts, we assigned two people to get the replacement parts for them.

This procedure for getting the missing parts for the kits is from one of the two students (wsul018) who replaced the parts. The other student to help was wsul004. "Once the missing parts of each kit were counted and recorded two students, including myself and Phillip, went to fill the missing parts of each kit. In order to complete the kits approval was needed from Dr. Ciampaglio to ensure proper handling, because the missing parts were in the Geology lab. Once approval was received, the circut parts were found on a top shelf above the sink in the Geology lab. Each drawer was labeled according to part name and size. The missing inventory parts were found and verified with the inventory list. Now, each student Mr. Circuit kit is complete."

Topic 2[edit]

Mr. Circuit Thryistor Report

While we were working on Mr. Circuit, when we got to the Thyristor circuit, it ended up not working. Due to the circuit not working after we set it up following the instructions from the book, we ended up changing a few things in the circuit in order for it to work. The parts that we changed were the resistors. We decided to change both of the resistors to the resistor that was one lower resistance. This mean we changed the 1k ohm resistor to a 220 ohm resistor and the 220 ohm resistor that was already part of the circuit to a 100 ohm resistor. Once we changed these resistors, the circuit worked like it was supposed to. We did also change the resistors back to the original resistors one at a time to see if changing only one of the resistors would cause the circuit to work properly.

Topic 3[edit]